ZW Buckley Music RM 10 Drum Machine Sample Pack WAV [FREE]

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RM-10 Drum Machine Sample Pack

70+ Analog Drum Machine Samples

The RM-10 Drum Machine Sample Pack contains over 70 samples all recorded from an RM-10 Rhythm Master Drum Machine.

This rare drum machine is an all-analog obscurity from the late 1970s. Produced by Whippany Electronics, the RM-10 was designed to accompany home organists as they entertained guests. This is your grandma’s drum machine!

This Sample Pack Includes:
70+ samples recorded directly from the RM-10 and processed using both hardware and software effects

Loops, SFX, One-Shots, and dry recordings of the RM-10s built-in presets

Example loops built from the One-Shots

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