Xenakios HourGlass 1.4.5 Windows [FREE]


HourGlass is a standalone application intended for radical sound processing by taking fragments (more commonly referred to as “grains” in other similar software) from sound recordings, to create sound textures. It is not intended for minor transparent corrections of playback speed or pitch, but is rather placed firmly in the sound mangling/glitch territory:

Imports most common audio file formats : wav/aiff, 8/16/24-bit PCM, 32/64-bit floating point and more, sampling rates are compensated on the fly as needed.
Multiple sound sources can be used simultaneously by the fragmenting process.
Most sound parameters can be automated using envelopes.
MIDI and OSC remote control of sound parameters and various user actions/commands.
4 channel mixer with insert slots for built-in effect as well as VST plugins.
Multiple CPU cores can be leveraged to allow creating very thick textures of up to 256 voices.
Simple programs can be written to control the properties of the fragments that will be played.
Dozens of other features and more to come in the future.

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