Wolfgang Palm Plex v2.0.4 [FREE][win, vsti,x86,x64]




Plex is a “Restructuring Synthesizer”. The original sound is split into four components, lower spectrum, higher spectrum, filter characteristics and amplitude envelope, using a new audio analysis technique.
Each component can be replaced and combined with other elements. The result is a thrillingly “natural” sound.


New synthesis approach by “PPG legend” Wolfgang Palm.
Real-time swapping between components of 33 sound sources.
97 special pre-analyzed sound sources included.
3 ADSRs, 3 synchronizable LFOs, global pitch LFO.
Modulation section with Stereo Delay and Flanger effects.
Up to 64 voices, 300 presets included.
All parameters accessible via MIDI controller.
NOTE: Plex 1 was distributed by Steinberg as a commercial product.

Plex was discontinued by Steinberg long time ago. Wolfgang Palm has updated it to Plex 2 around 2011 and added VST2 64bit version. There was never a MacOS version released and even then it wouldnt work on newer MacOS versions.


Wolfgang Palm Plex v2.0.4



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