Vladyslav Voinov PeakEater v0.6.2 x64 VST3 AU LV2 CLAP WiN MAC LiN [FREE]

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PeakEater is a free, easy to use waveshaping plugin. PeakEater lets you choose between different waveshaping functions to clip everything above ceiling level. Therefore, you can boost overall volume of your track safely without worying that some nasty peak would go above maximum allowed volume level of your DAW. It supports variours features such as multiple clipping types, oversampling and visualizations of clipping process that aims to make clipping easy and fun.

Input & Output RMS Meters

See how loud signal was before and after plugin.

Input & Output Gain

Adjusts gain level before and after processing. Input Gain is useful when you’re either working with too quiet or too loud signal and Output Gain can be helpful to compensate loss of gain.

Link Input with Output

Use linking to automatically set the Output Gain level to the opposite of the Input Gain. For example, if the Input Gain value is set to +5dB then the Output Gain value will be automatically set to -5dB and vice versa.

Ceiling control

Control your ceiling. Everything above this level would be “eaten”. Build-in RMS meter would show you signal level that comes into clipper and help you set threshold.


Displays magnitude(in dB’s) so you can see how peaks were eaten over time.

Shows approximated RMS that was cut(“Eaten”) in last 2 seconds and current clipping algorithm. Double-click on numbers to drop it to zero and force to re-calculate.

Switchable scales

Right click on Visualizer to switch between different scales.

6 Clipping Types

Choose between 6 clipping functions, from Hard clipping to different types Soft Clip(Up to Arctangent). Available clipping functions are:

You can read more about difference between Hard and Soft clipping here and here.


Choose between 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x oversampling to avoid signal aliasing. You can also turn off oversampling.

Note High values of oversampling may hurt CPU performance.

You can read more about oversampling here.

Bypass mode

Bypasses all plugin’s processing. Useful when you need to make side-by-side comparsion before and after processing.

Drag the corner to change the size of the window.

VST3, AU, LV2 and CLAP support
vst3 au lv2 clap

You can use either VST3, AU(macOS only), LV2 or CLAP type of plugin.

v0.6.2 Latest
What’s changed.
macOS Mojave 10.14 Support
Although only macOS Mojave 10.14 was explicitly checked, theoretically, all following versions of macOS should work.

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 support confirmed as well.

What’s changed.
Apple Silicon M1+ native support.
Support is provided as Universal Binary. This means that same plugin supports both x86_64 and Apple Silicon(M1+). Just install it and it will automatically run natively with respect to your processor.

What’s changed.
Switch between linear and non-linear scaling

Now you can switch between linear and non-linear scaling by pressing “X1/X2” button. Works for all ticks.
Improvements & Bugfixes
Increased refresh-rate – animation shall be smoother
Re-worked Bypass – shall fix issue when Bypass goes out-of-sync


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