Viator DSP Pastel Verb v2.1.1 VST3 AU x64 WiN macOS [FREE]


Hello everyone! Here is an update to my original reverb plugin.

Some of the updated features include:
– Updated look and feel of the app, including the UI controls and background image.
– Plugin window now saves and recalls its size when opening the plugin again
– Improved UI code optimization
– Improved saving/recalling parameter code

General Plugin Features includes
– Reverb module with the following parameters: room size, damping, and width.
– Ladder low-pass filter on the input to remove high frequencies from the source. This allows you to darken the reverb sound, making it more realistic, smoother, and more lush. For the best results, use on an aux send for parallel processing. There’s a cutoff and resonance for the filter, as well as a drive parameter for soft clipping distortion.
– In/out button to turn the filter on and off. This turns of the cutoff, resonance, and distortion modules and their respective knobs, also saves on CPU when not engaged.
– Steep/smooth button to switch between a steep (24 dB per oct) cutoff or a smooth (12 dB per oct) cutoff
– Separate dry and wet parameters to sculpt the sound exactly as you want, whether the plugin is in parallel or series.

Available for MacOS AU & VST3 and Windows VST3



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