Viator DSP Multi-Q v1.3.1 VST3 AU x64 WiNDOWS macOS [FREE]

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Hey everyone, I’ve got a new EQ plugin for you all!
I call it the Multi-Q – three EQ models in one plugin, a graphic, parametric, and tube EQ. You can use all three EQ’s at once if you wish or just one band. The filters turn off at 0 dB of gain to save precious CPU, so don’t be afraid to load it up to just use one band. Multi-Q also has low and high pass filters, a drive for tube distortion, mid/side processing, oversampling, and a phase inversion. Use the 3 buttons on the right side to switch EQ UI focus and have at it!

Although the UI looks like famous analog EQ’s, this isn’t supposed to be a hardware emulation, just a familiar interface and a starting point for creativity. Each EQ model’s parameters were determined by my own EQing practices and I hope you find it useful!

Here are the features:
Graphic EQ

– 10 EQ bands from 31 to 15K hertz each with -12 to 12 dB of gain. These bands also
use proportional bandwidth to behave more like hardware.

Parametric EQ
– 4 EQ bands, each with its own frequency selecting knob and -12 to 12 dB of gain.

Tube EQ
– 2 sets of EQ bands each with a boost and cut knob for highs and lows. There’s also a
frequency selecting knob for each set of bands and a shard bandwidth knob.

– High and Low pass filters.
– Drive for tube-style saturation.
– Output trim to control the output volume.
– Reset button to reset all sliders for the chosen model to 0 dB.
– Quality menu to select between no oversampling and 2 times oversampling.
– Stereo menu to select mid/side processing choices – which are stereo, mids, or sides.
– Phase invert button
– CPU monitor that can be toggled on or off
– Ability to type values into the dials and faders.
– Filters individually turn of when set to 0 dB to save on CPU, same goes for the drive and
the high/low pass filter when set to 20 and 20K hertz respectively.

– Fixed an issue where the two mid filters of the parametric model were not processing.
– Fixed an issue where the bandwidth dial of the tube model was not processing.
– Fixed an issue where the left side of the highpass fader and the graphic button were unresponsive due to being covered by the edges of another component.

Plugin Formats
– Mac Universal (M1 and Intel) AU and VST 64 Bit
– Windows VST3 64 Bit

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