Viator DSP Einstein Stager v3.0.0 VST3 AU x64 WiN macOS [FREE]

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Hey everyone, I’m posting an important update to my auto gain stager plugin which I’m calling Einstein Stager v3.0.0. There were multiple issues in the listening function working on and off, as well as a few look and feel issues. Check out the changes below:

– Automatic gain staging to the calibration parameter you choose.
– Trim knob with -100…100 dB of gain multiplication in case you need to further adjust the gain.
– Listen button that will re-listen to the audio if you started playing in the wrong spot or listened in silence.
– Phase flip button to invert the phase.

– Improved listening function and fixed volume spikes that could happen if used during silence.
– Fixed an internal issue where non-user facing data was not being saved and recalled correctly, resulting in weird artifacts.
– Added an updated GUI design with my typical background.
– Plugin window size saves and recalls correctly.
– Plugin window opens with a size based off the user’s display size.


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