Viator DSP Bedroom Compressor v1.0.0 VST3 AU x64 WiN macOS [FREE]

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Here’s my latest creation, a Diode Bridge-based compressor. This compressor has some great features like a blend knob and a high-pass filter side-chain. This compressor expects a signal in dBU’s, so -18 to -15 is the sweet spot!

This compressor is based on a famous channel strip re-issue and is part of a larger plugin I’m putting together to model that hardware unit, enjoy!

Here’s some of the features:

Make-Up Gain – Output volume control to make up for the compressed signal.

High-Pass Filter – High-pass filter with a cutoff range between 20 to 350 Hz.

High-Pass Side-Chain – Toggle between the filter in input mode or side-chain mode. In filter mode (button off), the filter will act like a normal filter on the input. In side-chain mode (button on), the filter will only affect the signal that the threshold checks, which means you can filter out bass from the threshold so that it doesn’t hit the compressor as hard, but the bass will still pass through. This is great if you want to compress your drums without the kick affecting the compression amount.

In Button – Turns the compressor on or off.

Threshold – What level the compressor kicks in.

Ratio – How much the signal is turned down when compressed.

Speed – Combination of attack and release parameters, from slow – auto.

Blend – Mix between the dry and compressed signal.

MacOS – AU, VST3
Windows – VST3


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