Uwyn ShowMIDI (MiDi Monitor Plugin) v0.6.1 VST VST3 AU CLAP LV2 STANDALONE LiNUX Windows MacOS [FREE]


Showmidi 0.5.0

ShowMIDI is a multi-platform GUI application to effortlessly visualize MIDI activity. This application fills a void in the available MIDI monitoring solutions.

Instead of wading through logs of MIDI messages to correlate relevant ones and identify what is happening, ShowMIDI visualizes the current activity and hides what you don’t care about anymore. It provides you with a real-time glanceable view of all MIDI activity on your computer.

To use it, simply double-click the application to launch it.

To pause the MIDI data stream, press the spacebar, to un-pause, press it again.

The plugin versions can be used in any DAW that supports MIDI effect plugins. Some plugin formats, like VST3, might filter out certain MIDI messages and not present a fully accurate view.




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