UltraSynth Synthesizer Plugin by Uhhyou


macOS build is experimental.
Linux build only works on Ubuntu 20.04. Build instruction is available for other distributions.
Source code is available on github.com/ryukau/VSTPlugins.
You can fund me via paypal.me/ryukau to fuel the development.
UltraSynth is an ordinary synthesizer except 64-fold oversampling that is the same one used in UltrasonicRingMod. Because of the high oversampling ratio, modulation sound is okay. However CPU load is high.

List of features:

64-fold oversampling.
2 naive oscillators with triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waveform.
Cross and feedback phase modulation between oscillators.
1 sine wave LFO.
2 types of distortion that are square root and full wave rectification.
1 lowpass filter.



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