UltrasonicRingMod Ring Modulator Plugin by Uhhyou

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macOS build is experimental.
Linux build only works on Ubuntu 20.04. Build instruction is available for other distributions.
Source code is available on github.com/ryukau/VSTPlugins.
You can fund me via paypal.me/ryukau to fuel the development.
UltrasonicRingMod is a ring modulator with 64-fold oversampling. Maximum modulator frequency is 1 MHz. That said, just modulating with ultrasonic frequency doesn’t produce anything audible. Therefore, phase modulation and hard clipping are added to make some noise in audible frequency.

This is mostly useful to create noise. Too much phase modulation usually results in white noise, however it may add some tones for simple waveform like sine.

Note event can be used to control ring modulator frequency.

Beware that “Pre Clip” parameter can apply +60 dB gain. Recommend to insert limiter after this plugin.


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