Ultimate Vocal Remover UVR GUI v5.6.0 Windows macOS Standalone [FREE]



This application uses state-of-the-art source separation models to remove vocals from audio files. UVR’s core developers trained all of the models provided in this package (except for the Demucs v3 and v4 4-stem models).

Other Application Notes
Nvidia GPUs with at least 8GBs of V-RAM are recommended.
This application is only compatible with 64-bit platforms.
This application relies on Sox – Sound Exchange for Noise Reduction.
This application relies on FFmpeg to process non-wav audio files.
The application will automatically remember your settings when closed.
Conversion times will significantly depend on your hardware.
These models are computationally intensive. Please proceed with caution and pay attention to your PC to ensure it doesn’t overheat. We are not responsible for any hardware damage.




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