ttm003e(Master E) Master Buss Effect Plugin by TTM Works

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The ttm003e is an effector designed to be inserted into the master track of a DAW to make final adjustments to the work.

It can perform independent equalization on Mid/Side separated audio signals as well as stereo audio on two tracks.

Apart from the equalizer, the DAW also includes a bit converter, a sampling rate converter, and a compressor with a proprietary algorithm:

  1. Stereo audio, M/S processing, M/S separation, and stereoization of separated M/S signals are possible.
  2. Independent 3-band equalization for two channels.
  3. Bit and sampling rate converter functions.
  4. Proprietary algorithm compressor.
  5. Small memory usage and light load.

Introduction site for English
Introduction site for Japanese

[Update History]

Ver.00.01 (2022/12/01)
Beta version.


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