TheUtility by TheZhe


TheUtility is a tool for blending wet and dry signals.



  1. Main: wet input (connect after another effect).
  2. Aux: dry input (connect before another effect).


  1. Output: output.


Complement (Wet)*:

  • Description: A.k.a “delta” or “delta monitoring”. Replace the wet signal with it’s complement with respect to the dry signal, where the complement is defined as: Complement = Dry – Wet.
  • Type: Toggle.
  • Default: Off.

Invert L/Invert R (Wet):

  • Description: Invert the polarity of the wet signal’s left/right channel.
  • Type: Toggle.
  • Default: Off.

Dry/Wet (Pan)*:

  • Description: Apply pans to the dry/wet signal.
  • Type: Knob.
  • Range: -1 to 1.
  • Default: 0.

Mode (Pan)*:

  • Description: Link wet pan to dry pan. “Inverted” mode sets wet pan to the negative of dry pan.
  • Type: Dropdown.
  • Options: Unlinked, Linked, Inverted.
  • Default: Unlinked.

Makeup (Volume):

  • Description: Apply a makeup gain to the wet signal.
  • Type: Knob.
  • Range: -24 to 24 dB.
  • Default: 0 dB.

Mix (Volume)*:

  • Description: Mix the wet and dry signals.
  • Type: Knob.
  • Range: 0 to 100 %.
  • Default: 100 %.
 *May not work as expected if the dry input is not connected.
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