The Usual Suspects DSP56300 Emulator 1.2.10 MultiOS + ROM’s [FREE]

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Project Of Motorola DSP563xx Emulation.
Thanks to Ayahuasca and the whole team!

Working Access Virus ROM’s included:
Virus B (4v9)
Virus B (Ver. T)
Virus C (6v5)
Virus C (6v6)
Virus Classic
Virus GmbH – Virus B & Virus C
Virus Rack XL (6v5)

DSP563xx Emulator v1.2.10 Change Log (01/03/2022)

– [Imp] UI knobs now react to parameter changes via Midi Control Change, Poly Pressure and Sysex
– [Imp] Patches loaded via “Load” button that only contain a single preset are now loaded to the edit buffer of the selected part
– [Imp] Emulation performance improvements (5% – 10%)

– [Fix] Presets were not always loaded correctly
– [Fix] Loading of presets didn’t (properly) update the UI
– [Fix] Patch Browser failed to load some midi file which resulted in no presets being displayed
– [Fix] Patch Browser didn’t display the proper Virus Model in all circumstances
– [Fix] Midi bank select (sent as Midi CC) was off-by-one in single mode
– [Fix] Part bank select and part program change (as sysex) didn’t work for single mode
– [Fix] Various midi clock issues due to midi clock start event being missing
– [Fix] “Assign3 Destination3” was named “Assign2 Destination3” (automation name)
– [Fix] “Assign3 Amount3” was named “Assign2 Amount3” (automation name)
– [Fix] Osc 1 & 2 Wave Select parameter was off-by-one
– [Fix] Key follow base UI element not working
– [Fix] Do not crash when attempting to load a preset that is not a Virus preset

DSP563xx Emulator v1.2.5 Change Log (29/01/2022)

– [Imp] Performance improvements between 5% – 10%
– [Imp] Additional performance improvements for ARMv8 based CPUs (including Apple M1)

– [Fix] CPU spikes in complex patches or multi mode
– [Fix] Part Select buttons were visually broken (always appeared as being selected)
– [Fix] Presets were stored with incorrect version number, causing Virus B & C features to be disabled by the DSP when being loaded (Reverb, Osc 3, EQ, ….)
– [Fix] Preset was corrupted when saving to an already existing file
– [Fix] Some presets caused the emu to crash

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