The Clouds Will Clear – Recollection Of What Never Was [Full Album + Live Visuals]

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Genre: Post rock, instrumental
Artist: The Clouds Will Clear
Album: Recollection Of What Never Was (September 21, 2018)
Country: Frankfurt, Germany………

Video by Gerold&Sabine @ “A Few Seconds Of Bliss”,

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01. In Cycles 00:03
02. Recollection 07:13
03. Before The Tempest 13:39
04. Attack Warning 19:48
05. Deep Sea Mining 25:06

All rights on the video reserved by A Few Seconds Of Bliss.
All rights on the audio reserved by The Clouds Will Clear.
Written, performed and recorded by The Clouds Will Clear.
‘Attack Warning’ originally written by Cycles Within Cycles.
Drums recorded by Reinhard ‘Bux’ Brunner at ATS-Records, Austria (
Mixed and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio B, Germany (
Cover Photos and Layout by HUMMELGRAFIK (

Additional Footage by:
Michael Sieghartsleitner, Mitch Martinez,, Arthur Rewak (CC BY), Videvo (, Vincent Wolf (CC BY,, Kiril Dobrev (CC BY,, Jure Kreft (CC BY,, Simon Waldock (CC BY,, Graham Uhleski/Mankind Film (CC BY,, Pixeldealer (CC BY,, yasudatakahiro (CC BY,, Florian Lalanne (CC BY,, Vital Films (CC BY,

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