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    Ungültige E-Mails/Invalid emails

    3. August 2022
    User mit ungültigen oder 10-Minuten Mails werden sofort gelöscht Users with invalid or 10-minute mails will be deleted immediately

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    5. April 2022
    english below Da die Spendenbereitschaft um 95% nachgelassen hat, und da ja die Lebenskosten immer teurer sind, bin ich gezwungen, leider Werbung zu schalten, sonst müsste ich über Kurz oder lang den Server schließen. Vorteil für Gäste und User: Die “Oldies und Exoten-Bundles” stehen nun frei zum Download im alten...

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    Registrierung/Register Regeln/Rules

    2. March 2022
    English Below! Es steht euch frei, sich im Blog zu registrieren, wer aber 10 Minuten E-Mails nutzt, wird rigoros als Spam markiert und ohne Vorwarnung gelöscht. Also bitte nur echte erreichbare Mail. Die Accounts werden vom Team freigeschaltet, und da es bei uns echte Menschen machen, kann es ein wenig...

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    Download rules/Download Regeln im alten/old Forum

    18. July 2021
    Gäste: Können in den allen Foren ohne Anmeldung Dateien runterladen. Wer Hilfe oder Fragen braucht oder hat, muss sich anmelden Registrierung erforderlich sind: 1. Music-Society-Plugins 2. alle Support-Foren wie Help Me(Nur Hilfe für Plugins, Musikprogramme), Kujashi Sounds,  Gyl Synths, Mira-Katharina-Plugins 3. Requests/suche/Search Spenden sind weiterhin willkommen. im alten Forum sind...

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    Please Support us!!!

    2. February 2021
    The forum and the blog depend on your donations The server has received an upgrade, so it has twice the memory and speed As a bank transfer: https://testblog.music-society.de/spenden-donations-via-konto/ In the forum: https://music-society.de/donate.php New donation-buttom If possible, I would like to keep both pages free of advertising. But if no donations...

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Variety Of Sound TesslaPRO mkIII v3.0 WiN [FREE]


the magic is where the transient happens The Tessla audio plugin series once started as a reminiscence to classic transformer based circuit designs of the 50s and 60s but without just being a clone stuck in the past. The PRO version has been made for mixing and mastering engineers working…

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Sonixinema Superball: Freebie KONTAKT [FREE]


Using Superball friction mallets, we sampled a variety of Orchestral Bass Drums, Timpani, Taiko, Thunder Sheet and Gongs to create a library of evolving sonic textures. Working in close collaboration with virtuoso percussionist Joby Burgess and Emmy nominated recording engineer Nick Wollage, we have created a virtual instrument like no…

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epicPLATE by Variety Of Sound


epicPLATE delivers an authentic recreation of classic plate reverberation. It covers the fast and consistent reverb build up as well as that distinct tonality the plate reverb is known for and still so much beloved today. Its unique reverb diffusion makes it a perfect companion for all kinds of delay effects…

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Variety Of Sound Complete Bundle 2022 VST X86 WiN FREE


Plugin bundle from Variety of Sounds INCLUDES: – BootEQ mkII v2.1.1 – Density mkIII v3.0 – Rescue MK2 v2.1 + Rescue AE – TesslaSE v1.2.1 – TesslaPRO mkII v2.0 – epicVerb v1.5 – epicVerb vstpresets – ThrillseekerVBL v1.0 – FerricTDS v1.5.1 – NastyVCS v1.0.1 – NastyDLA mkII v2.0 – preFIX…

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TesslaSE mkII by Variety Of Sound


TesslaSE mkII is a transformer saturation simulator. It is not a distortion box but rather focuses on bringing all those subtle saturation and widening (side-) effects from the analog right into the digital domain. It sligthly colors the sound, polishes transients and creates depth and dimension in the stereo field. All the…

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Variety Of Sound Complete Bundle VST x86 WiN


INCLUDES: – BootEQ mkII v2.1.1 – Density mkIII v3.0 – Rescue MK2 v2.1 – TesslaSE v1.2.1 – TesslaPRO mkII v2.0 – epicVerb v1.5 – epicVerb vstpresets – ThrillseekerVBL v1.0 – FerricTDS v1.5.1 – NastyVCS v1.0.1 – NastyDLA mkII v2.0 – preFIX v1.0 – BaxterEQ v1.0.1 – ThrillseekerLA v1.0.1 – ThrillseekerXTC…

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Variety Of Sound FerricTDS mkII free tape plugin for Windows


FerricTDS mkII introduces operating level calibration for better gain staging and output volume compensated processing. The update also includes the following changes: – Metering ballistics revised and aligned accordingly. – Updated tape compression algorithms increasing punch, adding 2nd order harmonic processing, less IMD. – Updated limiter algorithm featuring ADC style converter…

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