Elemental Child – The Twin Goddesses 3.5 (2)

In Greek mythology Astrape and Bronte were the twin goddesses of lightning and thunder. They were attendants of Zeus and responsible for carrying his powerful and dangerous thunderbolts.

In der griechischen Mythologie waren Astrape und Bronte die Zwillingsgöttinnen des Blitzes und des Donners. Sie waren Diener von Zeus und dafür verantwortlich, seine mächtigen und gefährlichen Blitze zu tragen.

Caio M. Jiacomini Vendaval free synth plugin 0 (0)

"Hello! My name is Caio and I'm a Brazilian composer and sound designer, as well as an audio developer. You can check out here some of the games I did music and audio for as well as some projects and audio tools I developed. Enjoy! Caio created a procedural wind sound design algorithm for a game that he is doing audio for, and turned it into a plugin.

Vendaval is a “pay what you like” download in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats, including free. The open source plugin requires Csound (Csound installation files are included in the download).”