TDR Molotok v1.0.3 VST AU AAX x32 x64 WiN/MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

TDR Molotok

Molotok, a simplified version of TDR Molot GE, is a musically characterful dynamics processor. Meaning “Small Hammer” in Russian, Molotok provides a rich range of exciting compression colors at your fingertips.

While Molotok doesn’t emulate any “vintage” device, its sound and behaviour was definitely inspired by their most interesting musical peculiarities. This flexibility makes it a rewarding choice for almost any source in the mix, be it drums needing more crisp and impact, solidification and enrichment of vocals, or the enhancement of guitar and bass recordings of all types.

Molotok relies on the same algorithms as its larger edition, Molot GE. As with all TDR plugins, Molotok employs state of the art audio processing technology keeping unwanted distortion under strict control. An intuitive and well documented user interface offers quick access to all relevant parameters in a rewarding manner. Several helpers such as unlimited undo/redo, optional stepped controls, inline help tips and many more features help the operator achieve consistent results within a short time.

Notable Features
– Full featured dynamics compressor
– Eleven musically intriguing compression flavour nuances
– Different quality modes including zero-latency operation
– High quality signal processing

Changelog: 1.0.3 Hotfix update # Slow/fast meter speed bug fixed (keep the selected speed on ff/fb change) # Preset default values bug fix (default values were unpredictably changed on some occasions) # Meter speed in "slow" mode fixed (now slightly faster) 1.0.2 Hotfix update # Fixed compatibility with mac os 10.9.5 # Added new GR meter options: Meter Source, Meter Speed


TDR Molotok v1.0.3