Splash Sound Harmo v1.0.1 KONTAKT [LIMITED TIME] [FREE]

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0 0 HARMO is a small guitar sample library with huge possibilities The core of the library is natural guitar harmonics recorded on a classic stratocaster With built-in layering and effects, you can achieve amazing sound that suits both an ambient cinematic soundtrack and a corporate background music for audio…

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Splash Sound Percussion Elements 3 KONTAKT [FREE]

Epic Percussion 3 Screen 1

0 0 PERCUSSION ELEMENTS 3- is a Free Try Pack of the library EPIC PERCUSSION 3 Percussion Elements 3 includes one of the drum kits from Epic Percussion 3 library (Epic Percussion 3 includes 3 drum kits and 17 solo percussion instruments) A new sound source position control system allows…

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Splash Sound Kids Percussion KONTAKT [FREE]

Kid's Pecussion Screen

0 0 Kid’s Percussion is a small percussion library of five children’s musical toys. Library includes: one octave steel xylophone, tambourine, wooden shaker, castanets and maracas. All toys are recorded on the triple condenser stereo microphone with “A” class preamp. This library is perfect for positive kid’s music and other…

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