Sample Logic Taste the Fury free Kontakt instrument 0 (0)

Sample Logic invites you to experience the potential of DRUM FURY with a free single Taiko Drum Ensemble instrument straight out of the apocalyptic collections of drums found in DRUM FURY. If you like this first taste, then just wait until you can feast on all the fury of the full DRUM FURY library, an extensive 11 GB collection of over 100 apocalyptic KONTAKT drum instruments. This is epic cinematic percussion at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances that have been captured and programmed to perfection. A world of percussion awaits you!

Full retail version of Kontakt, version 5.8.1 or higher (Will not work in the free Kontakt Player!)
Mac OS X 10.11, i5, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
Windows 7, 8, 10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
62 MB free disk space for TASTE THE FURY sample content COMPATIBILITY (Mac 64-bit only; Windows 32/64-bit) Stand-alone
(AU) Audio Units


Sound Dust release Ghost In The Machine – Free Granular Sample Instrument for Kontakt 0 (0)


Sound Dust has announced the release of Ghost In The Machine, a free Kontakt Instrument hand-sculpted from “multi sampled analogue noise, spring reverb feedback and ghosts”.

Sound Dust says:

She is an easy to use granular engine with a full DAW interface automation and simple XY pad controls and comes with 26 presets and plenty of possibilities for inspirational happenstance.

Features include:

  • 138MB download.
  • 26 presets.
  • Granular and formant based variations.
  • XY pad happenstance control.
  • 2 x volume ADSR.
  • Waveform display.
  • Hardwired modwheel and aftertouch fairy dust.
  • Built in manual.
  • Ghosts.

Ghost In The Machine will play nicely with full Kontakt 5 and above.


Sonixinema String Textures KONTAKT [FREE] 0 (0)

String Textures is a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring intimately recorded Strings which have been twisted, mangled and warped in to a wide array in cinematic sounds. Featuring 10 custom presets ranging from a warm and delicate strings, to dark, dirty, detuned, distorted, pulsing and everything in between – download now for free and start making music!


String Textures




Flintpope Molekules Kontakt Sample Library [FREE] 0 (0)

Flintpope Molekules Kontakt Sample Library [FREE]

Flintpope MOLEKULES For KONTAKT 6 [FREE] screenshot

Is a free re-release (with a new interface) of a heritage instrument I made by playing a piano sample through various Reaktor Molekular presets with a view to creating haunting, evolving sounds, resulting in ten presets using ten unique samples. The preset entitled “Old” features on the soundtrack


Molekules for Kontakt

Rast Sound Organ Tones KONTAKT [FREE] 0 (0)

Organ Tones brings 5 unique, playable organ presets from classic pipe to popular music tones. Enjoy the holidays gift!

Organ Tones comes with our latest base engine with improved solo playing and sample start optimisation.

• 250 MB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV
• 5 Unique Organ Presets
• Playable Solo Instruments for Kontakt (full ver. 5.8+)

Organ Tones


Oomind Studio Hardy Bass FREE Kontakt [FREE] 0 (0)

Oomind Studio has released Hardy Bass, a free virtual bass instrument for NI Kontakt.

With Hardy Bass, Oomind Studio tries to recreate the real sound of a bass, of course, by taking into account the human factor. For this reason, this bass comes with round-robin layers and pick articulations (up and down) controlled by key switches. Further, Hardy Bass has a three band EQ, configured to modify the sound where this particular instrument requires.

With a huge note range (A-2 to G3), this virtual bass instrument is really good for many genres including pop, rock, metal, but also electronic music styles.

Hardy Bass requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt v6.4.2 and above (not compatible with Kontakt Player). It is available for instant download at Oomind Studio.


XPERIMENTA Project releases Preparato Piano free edition for Kontakt 0 (0)

XPERIMENTA Project releases Preparato Piano free edition for Kontakt 

We are really excited to announce PREPARATO Piano – FREE Edition, with 2 techniques from the Full Version (Tremolo and Brushes Rub), and the power of the Acoustic Modular Engine.

“Preparing” an instrument is an experimental technique based on placing objects on top of the strings. Flavio and Filippo, the minds behind this project, followed the idea of searching, new sounds from the most interesting acoustic sources.

PREPARATO is not just a prepared piano library; thanks to the “Acoustic Modular Instrument” engine based on a multi-layering system, PREPARATO allows you to have an incredible control over the acoustic source, with endless possibilities of combination.

The use of both acoustic sampling and creative modular software bring to PREPARATO the feel and power of a real synth, designed to meet the endless intricacies of a musician’s mind.

PREPARATO | Piano (Free)

BOOM Library releases death whistle free sound effects pack 0 (0)

BOOM Library releases death whistle free sound effects pack 


This FREE Sound Effects pack contains sounds from the Aztec death whistles. When raised to the lips and blown, they produce a shrieking sound so human that it can paralyze the listener in their tracks. We found the death whistles exceedingly interesting for sound design so we decided to do high quality recordings of the instrument and give it away for FREE.