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nanoog ver.3.0

“nanoog” is a virtual analog synthesizer miniaturized with simpler operability while imagining the sound color and design of the analog synth’s famous machine, minimoog.
Beginning with version3, we have newly prepared 64bit VST version and MacOS Audio Units version.
Each parameter of nanoog includes a setting reminiscent of minimoog and a module name.
There is one main oscillator, one sub oscillator is arranged in parallel, the waveform selection is common, but the relationship between main and sub with frequency of ±1octave can be changed. Also, since the noise generator is mounted independently of the oscillator, white / pink noise can be selected.
The filter is a specific type to the moog synthesizer, enabling the output of warm sound The envelope generator has the same attenuation and release as the ADS method, and it is designed to select the presence or absence of release by switching the switch