Elemental Child – Crystal Kids

Crystal Kids – seem to be the sealed ones Rainbow Kids – are also us Crystal Kids – Rainbow Kids – Indigo Kids…. They came to help us……

Kristallkinder scheinen die Versiegelten zu sein Regenbogenkinder sind auch wir Kristallkinder – Regenbogenkinder – Indigo-Kinder….. Sie sind gekommen, um uns zu helfen….

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PIF Russian kid synth VST concept by Rawoltage


PIF Russian kid synth VST concept. We love little playful synthesizers, which is why we made one of our favorites. An indispensable musical accessory of Russian kindergartens, this little synth is from the 1980s. We modeled both the original tone and the sound we can hear through the speaker. In…

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Splash Sound Kids Percussion KONTAKT [FREE]


Kid’s Percussion is a small percussion library of five children’s musical toys. Library includes: one octave steel xylophone, tambourine, wooden shaker, castanets and maracas. All toys are recorded on the triple condenser stereo microphone with “A” class preamp. This library is perfect for positive kid’s music and other bright acoustic…

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