LV-50A by ViatorDSP


LV-50A is a vintage parametric equalizer. Dive into the sonic legacy of the past while harnessing the power of the future with the LV-50A. Crafted to capture the essence of revered hardware EQ’s. Vintage Analog Reverence: faithfully replicates the four bands of classic hardware EQ’s, ensuring an authentic and seamless transition…

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Game Boi by[Windows,MacOS,VSTI3,AU,x64]


  Game Boi is retro game rompler inspired by the iconic Game Boy and Nintendo 64. This plugin captures the essence of vintage gaming, infusing every note with the unmistakable charm of pixelated adventures. Immerse yourself in a symphony of chiptune melodies, characterized by their distinctive lo-fi textures reminiscent of exploring 8-bit…

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Elemental Child – Zoom

“When we zoom freely into the ‘now’ and surrender readily to a liberating emptiness, we can be instantly overwhelmed by creative surging strength and a flash of enlightenment, expelling the cloudy specters blurring our minds.” ― Erik Pevernagie
“Wenn wir frei in das ‘Jetzt’ zoomen und uns bereitwillig einer befreienden Leere hingeben, können wir augenblicklich von einer schöpferischen Kraft und einem Blitz der Erleuchtung überwältigt werden, der die trüben Gespenster vertreibt, die unseren Geist trüben. ” – Erik Pevernagie