HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 Free Version v1.0.4 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]


This is a sampler type plugin. You can load 8 different audio samples. And they will be chopped into audio slices. You can also assign sliced samples to individual grid lanes. Each sampler track also has 16 separate grid lanes. You will be able to assign up to 16 different…

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HY-Filter4 free by HY-Plugins


HY-Filter4 free is a semi-modular filter effect plugin. You can modulate parameters of the main filter by using the modulation units. 2 filter engine available (SVF and 3BP). 5 types of modulator available (LFO, 2DLFO, RND, Env Follower and XY Control). Drag and drop modulation assignment. Resizable interface. https://hy-plugins.com  

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HY-Mono by HY-Plugins


  HY-Mono is a monophonic synthesizer mainly referred to the structure of Oberheim SEM. 2 Oscillators + Sub/Noise. State Variable Filter. 2 Envelope Generators. 1 LFO. Delay, Drive, Limiter. Randomize/clear button. Preset Manager. Re-Sizable UI. https://hy-plugins.com No longer available HY-Mono_32bit HY-Mono_64bit HY-Mono.pkg HY-Mono.pkgVST

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HY-SEQ32 free by HY-Plugins

Screenshot_2021-06-04 PLUGINS4FREE

HY-SEQ32 free is a 32 step sequencer inspired by analog sequencers. 1 Pitch SEQ unit with 2 modulation source units. Drag & drop modulation assignment. Pattern sequencer for chaining unit snapshots. Chord and Scale FX . Midi Recorder. Resizable interface. http://hyakken.moo.jp/WordPress/ HY-SEQ32_free(x64) HY-SEQ32_free

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HY-Plugins HY-ESG free Egate VST VST3 WIN OSX [FREE]


HY-ESG is a gate sequencer (aka a trance gate effect) with a twist. It uses a Euclidean sequencer instead of the standard step sequencer seen in most other trance gate plugins. You’ll probably find that HY-ESG is more fun and inspiring to use than your current favorite gate sequencer effect….

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