King of FM FM Synth Plugin by AudioKit Pro – IOS + macOS


King Of FM is a completely free app for iPhone, iPad and Silicon Mac that’s based on sounds of classic ’80s FM synths, inspired by the Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX81z, and SY77. “POSSIBLY THE BEST FREE iOS MUSIC APP, EVER!” – The GarageBand Guide. This app contains AnalogMatthew’s exclusive “Holy…

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HAL Electric Pianos Electric Pianos Plugin by


HAL Electric Pianos – Electric/Analog pianos – FM synthesis (Yamaha DX7), Multi samples (44.100 kHz – 24-bit), Waveform, Wavetables-based Multi Instrument: Instruments interface (Instruments selector, Basic controls). Oscillators interface (Fm, Multi Samples, Waveform, Wavetables). Voice interface (Voice, Unison, Glide, Pitch, Audiowarp). Filter interface (Filters, Cutoff, Resonance, X – Y pad). Envelope…

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