Blumlein Haas by DSPplug 0 (0)

Blumlein Haas is a Mid-Side processor.

It uses Mid, Side by Blumlein and Lauridsen’s Haas effect, which revolutionized the stereo industry. This effect works on both mono and stereo files and either way will make audio more or less stereo as you choose.


King Oz – DSPplug omega compressor(Payware) 0 (0)

The omega compressor is a unique compressor which may be one of the most powerful in the world. It also has a unique smooth sound that you’ll want in every commercial project you’re working on.

There’s just not a more commercial, smoother sound – or in the case of x24 oversampling “aura” of compression rarefaction as smooth as which the King OZ records omega compressor by DSPplug provides.

More videos are coming on the omega compressor and prospective customers are reminded that if they feel the enforced inter-sample peak limiting should be changed, or the -10 dBFS threshold should be changed, they can request that be a change to the product and DSPplug will make it happen free of charge.

But it works so well and so transparently, it will often help you to avoid distortion; it’s easy to use and not think about it again with the current configuration applied.

Prize: 5$