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3Sampler it’s a simple and easy-to-use sampler for those who want to save their resources using only three samples. Provides unique stereo dynamics.

Use 3Sampler where you only need three samples.


  • Three boxes with a visual audio profile for samples. You can use YSampler for five samples.
  • Easy allocation for notes range and root note.
  • Graphical visualization for each note played by velocity and time.
  • Note position view.
  • Attack and Release.
  • On/off button.
  • The possibility of multiplying the semitones interval – unique feature. For example, if we set this multiplier to 12 and the root note value is C4, we will get the C5 value if we play the C#4 key. If you want to set subunit or decimal values, use YSampler.
  • Pan position setting.
  • Pan alternate – a unique and very useful feature which give you dynamics of stereo to your music. For example, if we set pan position to 90% and activate the alternating pan, the first key played will be 90% to right and the next 90% to left.
  • Reverse and loop buttons.
  • Can be used for drums, pluck, keys, leads and pads.
  • Can upload sfz files with a maximum of three samples. Available directives:

and sections



lokey=(12-127 or string like C2) – only in

pitch_keycenter=(12-127 or string like C2) – only in

hikey=(12-127 or string like C2) – only in

pitch_keytrack=600 (100 mean one semitone)

ampeg_attack=0 (decimal seconds)

ampeg_release=0.8 (decimal seconds)

loop_mode=no_loop || loop_continuous || loop_sustain

direction=reverse || any word

pan=-80 (-100 left, 100 right)

pan_alternate=yes || any word

Remove donate button: donate minimum 5 euro then insert donate key received by email
Value input by key: over to any knob and right click, insert value by key then hit enter
Also click left on the note to change its value by key.
Set default value: double click on the knob.


DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64-bits or MacOS VST and AU.


HSSE Presets (22) by Freemusicproduction.net 0 (0)

HSSE Presets (22) by Freemusicproduction.net

HSSE Presets (22)

22 instruments – presets with additional features for HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic and HALion include:

  1. Synth Piano (Wavetable-based piano).
  2. Synth Hip Hop Piano (Wavetable-based instrument – loop player).
  3. Hip Hop Piano (Sample-based instrument – loop player).
  4. Latin Pop Piano (Camila Cabello – Havana).
  5. Epic Pad Lead (Itro & Tobu).
  6. Funky Guitar Lead (Itro & Tobu).
  7. Super Saw (EDM Lead).
  8. Pop Pluk Synth (Major Lazer, DJ Snake).
  9. Tropical House Flute (Kygo – Firestone).
  10. Club Bass (Synth-based instrument – loop player).
  11. Hip Hop Sub Bass (Synth-based instrument – loop player).
  12. Wobble House Bass (Don Diablo…).
  13. Reggae Organ (Synth-based instrument – loop player).
  14. Synth Accordion (Oscillators-based accordion).
  15. Synth Strings (Oscillators-based Strings).
  16. Synth Guitar (Wavetable-based instrument).
  17. Hip Hop Strings (Loop-based instrument – player).
  18. Synth Vintage Guitar (Oscillator-based instrument).
  19. Synth Vintage Guitar W (Wavetable oscillators-based guitar).
  20. Synth Bass Guitar (Wavetable oscillator-based bass guitar).
  21. Reggae E Guitar (Loop-based instrument – player).
  22. Synth Kick (Wavetable oscillator-based kick/bass).
Price (MSRP)
Until 30.11.2020 HSSE Presets pack (22 instruments – presets) donation starts from 10