Game Boi by[Windows,MacOS,VSTI3,AU,x64]


  Game Boi is retro game rompler inspired by the iconic Game Boy and Nintendo 64. This plugin captures the essence of vintage gaming, infusing every note with the unmistakable charm of pixelated adventures. Immerse yourself in a symphony of chiptune melodies, characterized by their distinctive lo-fi textures reminiscent of exploring 8-bit…

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Elemental Child & Frankie Kay – The Last Star

Synopsis: Year: 7437. A mysterious ancient civilization is destroying all of the stars in the sky. One of its agent is about to destroy the last one. A beautiful blue star. Synopsis: Jahr: 7437. Eine mysteriöse alte Zivilisation ist dabei, alle Sterne am Himmel zu zerstören. Einer ihrer Agenten ist dabei, den letzten Stern zu zerstören. Einen wunderschönen blauen Stern.

Music & production by Elemental Child & Frankie Kay © 2023