Music-Society presents Datura-Instruments RadaR(32 Bit) Windows VSTI 0 (0)

Datura-Instruments RadaR is a four dimensional Analog- & Digital-Synthesizer equipped with exclusive modulation possibilities.

The combination of digital and analog processing provides a wide range of sound colours.

The “north and south” modules play two analog voices each with a polyphony of 8 tones providing ring-modulation, phase-modulation and separate filters.

The “east and west” modules are twice digital (soudfont compatible) sample players each with  a polyphony of 8 tones including a factory sample bank of 128 sounds.

For finishing the sound a Reverb, Delay and Phaser section is on board.

The “scanner” works synchronized to the sequencer or host-tempo and produces four separate periodic envelopes. Trigger time and velocity can be ajusted manually or controlled by LFO.

The “radar” section (maybe you kow it from Datura-Instruments Compass) provides four LFO which signal routing to north, south, east and west can be changed on real time (manually or by modulation).

RadaR includes a factory sound bannk with 32 presets and works on personal computers (Windows XP SP3 or later) equipped with dual-core CPU (quad-core improved).

Datura-Instruments RadaR ist ein vierdimensionaler Analog- & Digitalsynthesizer mit

außergewöhnlichen Modulationsmöglichkeiten.

Durch die Kombination digitaler und analoger Klangerzeugung deckt RadaR ein großes Spektrum an Klangmöglichkeiten ab.

Die „Nord und Süd“ –Module bieten jeweils einen zweistimmigen 8 fach polyphonen Analogoszillator mit Ringmodulation, Phasenmodulation und getrennten Filtern.

Die „Ost und West“ –Module enthalten je zwei 8 fach polyphone Sampleplayer (Soundfont kompatibel) als digitale Tonerzeugung. Inklusive ist eine Sample-Bank mit 128 Klängen.

Zur Klangveredlung finden sich Hall-, Delay-, und Phaser-Effekt.

Der „Scanner“ läuft syncron mit dem Sequenzer oder Host-Tempo und ermöglicht die Erzeugung vier getrennter periodischer Hüllkurvensignale. Triggerzeitpunkt- und stärke, sind sowohl manuell einstellbar, als auch durch LFOs modulierbar.

Das „Radar“ (bereits bekannt vom Datura-Instruments Compass) bietet vier LFOs, die sich in ihrer Auswirkung auf Nord, Süd, Ost, West, in Echtzeit variieren lassen (ebenfalls manuell oder per Modulation).

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Music-Society presents Cantus1 by Datura Instruments 5 (2)

[Bild: 1_19_08_12_6_30_06.png]

[Bild: 1_19_08_12_6_28_50.png]

Cantus 1 is a virtual analog Chorus-Voice-Ensemble. It produces sounds like chanting choirs or singing voices generated by analog synthesis only. You may also get pad sounds with different colourations and vintage touch.

Shurely you know the old string-ensembles like „Solina Strings“, “Crumar”, “Logan Strings” or “ARP Quadra”. Many evergreen rock songs include the sound of this phenomenal vintage instruments. They are available as VST instruments in many versions at all.
Cantus 1 is a bizarre sister of this string ensembles. Using the same basic idea it generates also polyphonic pads but filtered and modyfied to vocal formants. It  produces harmonic choirs and voices processed by a formant filter and coloured by a parametric equalizer section. There is also a noise generator for additional breath sound. Cantus 1 sounds really retro and is equipped with chorus effect, stereo delay and reverbation.

It comes with 32 factory presets and a user manual.

Cantus 1- System requirements:

– PC with multicore processor
– Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
– Professional soundcard or audio-device with ASIO-driver –technology
– 512 MB RAM
– MIDI-interface and software host supporting VSTi-plugin-technology

32 bit

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