Jon V Audio FirComp Win/Mac/Linux VST3/AU x64 (Free) 0 (0)

Clean compressor with perfect curves. A very highly regarded and praised compressor/limiter with unique and ultra clean digital envelope algorithm.

FirComp is an ultra clean peak compressor/limiter with punchy attack, musical release, and optional lookahead smoothing, for tracks or busses. Zero/low latency and low CPU. Warm distortion at extreme settings.


– Fast or same-sample attack times that never sound “clicky”, even in zero latency mode
– Innovative digital envelope detection algorithm allows for much lower distortion than typical peak compressors (see a plot of a 1kHz hard limited sine wave in zero latency mode)
– Optional lookahead FIR gain smoothing for an even cleaner sound
– True zero attack (same-sample) when “0.0 ms” is selected
– Dual parallel release stage with musical, highly history-dependent behaviour. Avoids use of multiple compressors in series!
– Easy sidechain filtering options for common mixing situations
– Low CPU, fully 64-bit DSP code, making full use of SSE instructions. Insert on every track without a second thought!
– Zero latency with lookahead off. With lookahead on, compensated latency of 1.5ms
– No phase shift: can be used in parallel

FirComp comes in two versions: FirComp and FirComp LowRatio (read PDF manual included).



HASound “Big Apple” Dynamic Range Compressor 0 (0)

What’s new in version 2.1.0:

– It is free now.
– The sidechain input for an external signal (your host application has to support this feature).
– Now the plugin is available as a simple unit (without the parallel mixer part).
– More user-friendly level meters.

The Big Apple plugin is a feed-forward dynamic range compressor based on the ideal VCA mathematical model. This audio processor allows you to use the parallel compression mixing technique (also known as New York compression) in your everyday work.

No Webside




Analog Obsession BritBundle VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

Here is BritBundle!
BritChannel, Britpressor and new BritPre.

While i update BritChannel and Britpressor, i’ve built BritPre. It has same preamp as BritChannel but it has lowpass and highpass filters. Instead of making my old plugin “LCF”, i redesigned it and combined with preamp.

These plugins are first line of updates with Catalina/Big Sur (M1 Processor) support. New GUIs, proper oversampling, Retina support and readout.

Also, plugins come with installers, now!

Now, you can find these three plugins in a one post. I added redirecting links to BritChannel and Britpressor posts.

– BritChannel
Classic British Equalizer & Preamp with Mic/Line option

HIGH: Fixed 10kHz with +/-15dB
MID: OFF, .36, .7, 1.6, 3.2, 4.8, 7.2kHz with +/-15dB
LOW: OFF, 35, 60, 110, 220Hz with +/-15dB
HPF: OFF, 50, 80, 160, 300Hz
GAIN: Preamp gain +/-24dB
TRIM: Output control +/-24dB
MIC: Mic Preamp switch. Default position is Line amp
ANALOG OBSESSION: This label is clickable. It will turn to red and engage Oversampling (4x)

– Britpressor
Classic British Compressor/Limiter

THRESHOLD (WHITE): Limiter section threshold – 15 to 4dB
RECOVERY (WHITE): Limiter section recovery (release) – 50ms, 100ms, 200ms, 800ms, Auto1, Auto2
THRESHOLD (ORANGE): Compressor section threshold
RECOVERY (ORANGE): Compressor section recovery (release) – 100ms, 400ms, 800ms, 1500ms, Auto1, Auto2
RATIO: Compressor section ratio – 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6
GAIN: Final output stage of plugin
MIX: Blending DRY and WET signal
HIGH: -6 to +6dB High Gain to feed sidechain circuit for more or less high frequency compression
MID: -6 to +6dB Mid Gain to feed sidechain circuit for more or less mid frequency compression
LOW: -6 to +6dB Low Gain to feed sidechain circuit for more or less low frequency compression
EXT: External Sidechain option
ANALOG OBSESSION: This label is clickable. It will turn to red and engage Oversampling (4x)

– BritPre
Classic British Mic/Line Preamp with Lowpass and Highpass filters. It has two modules with independent bypass. Also, it has phase invert button.

GAIN: Preamp gain -20 to 40dB with 5dB steps
OUTPUT: Final output control of plugins. If you bypass preamp section, you can still use output control with filter section
HPF: OFF, 45, 70, 160, 360Hz
LPF: OFF, 8, 6, 4, 2kHz
MIC: Mic Preamp switch. Default position is Line amp
PHASE: Phase invert button
ANALOG OBSESSION: This label is clickable. It will turn to red and engage Oversampling (4x)

Available Formats
VST/VST3/AU | Mac 10.9 – 11.X
VST/VST3 | Windows 8 – 10



Tiny Comp by EXE Consulting 0 (0)


Compressor pedal emulator with compression, expansion, limiting, and gate modes. Has sidechain capability for ducking compression from sidechain signal, and sidechain signal can be filtered before application to allow a selected peak frequency with a selected Q to be used for compression.

Single channel, Left or Right.

The GUI is resizable: Tiny, Small, Medium, Normal, Large, and Giant.

Made using RackAFX.

This pedal emulator is based on the work of Will Pirkle as described in the earlier edition of his book on Audio Effects.



Analog Obsession Fetish v4 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

Classic FET Compressor/Limiter with extra features!


– INPUT: Extended 0 to 60dB input gain. Internally compensated input knob to drive circuit and get compression. With original gear, input will boost signal without compensation. With FETISH, you don’t have to reduce volume while you boost input.

– OUTPUT: -30 to +30dB Make-Up Gain to compensate compressed signal

– ATACK: 20 to 800 microseconds with reversed knob to adjust without confusion.

– RELEASE: 50ms to 1.1sec with reversed knob to adjust without confusion.

– RATIO: Selectable 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1. Each has it’s own curve and range to start compress. While you use lowest ratio, you should get compression quickly when you boost input. With higher ratios, compression will start at higher input gains.

– HPF: 20 to 500Hz HPF to keep low frequencies from sidechain circuit. So, compressor won’t touch to low-end.

– MID F.(Frequency 500Hz to 10kHz) / MID G.(Gain -6dB to +6dB): With these two knobs, you can set mid frequency and set it to compress more or less. If you boost mid gain (broad band), you will get more compression on selected frequency. If you reduce mid gain, mids will be less compressed.

– HF: HF knob will help you to compress high more. While FLAT position keeps highs natural, HF position will compress highs more.

– MIX: Will let you blend compressed and dry signal.

– SLAM: With this function, you will get ultra-fast and aggressive limiting option. You can use this function for every ratio.

– EXT-SC: This will let you use external signal to compressed input signal.

– POWER: Plugin Bypass

Version 4.0

– Improved Attack/Release response

– Improved compression curve

– Fixed Mono instance and sidechain for Logic users

– Updated GUI

NOTE-1: Ableton Live – Mac users should use VST version, at the moment. In the future, AU versions will be updated for Live users.




Analog Obsession Britpressor v1.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

Analog Obsession Britpressor v1.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Britpressor : Vintage Solid-State Compressor/Limiter with multiband-sidechain.
No update! From scratch!

– COMPRESSOR THRESHOLD : Will set threshold for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)
– COMPRESSOR RECOVERY : Release time for compressor section. (Orange labeled knob)
– LIMITER LEVEL : Will set limiting level. (Above of Compressor Threshold)
– LIMITER RECOVERY : Release time for limiter section. (Above of Compressor Recovery)
– GAIN : Make-Up Gain. (Placed after Limiter Section)
– RATIO : Ratio setting for Compressor Section.
– MIX : Blending DRY and WET signals. (Placed after Limiter Section)
– HPF : Will cut lows for internal/external sidechain input. (Only Compressor Section)
– MID : Boost or cut mids (1.6kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on mids or cut for release mids. (Only Comressor Section)
– HIGH : Boost or cut mids (10kHz) for internal/external sidechain input. You can boost and get more compression on highs or cut for release highs. (Only Comressor Section)
– EXT : Will engage External Sidechain input.

Ableton Live (Mac) users should use VST version.




Analog Obsession BUSTER v7.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

The most versatile bus compressor all around the world!

– Threshold (dB): -20 to 20
– Attack (ms): 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10, 30
– Release (sec): 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, Auto
– Ratio: 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10
– MIX (%): DRY to WET
– SC (HPF – Hz): 20 to 500
– EXT-SC: External Sidechain
– Make Up (dB): -20 to 20
– BYPASS: General Bypass

*Ableton Live OSX users must use VST version.




Analog Obsession FetDrive v1.1 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

Lastly, i released FetSnap. But some users really loved its “saturation” character and wanted saturator version of FetSnap.

You know, FetSnap is modified version of famous FET Compressor to enhance transients.
So, i modified the circuit, again. And made it as original unit’s “COMPRESSOR OFF” version.
With original unit, you can close sidechain and use it as line amp/driver.
Now, we can use FetDrive as saturator with extra tone and blend features.

Here is FetDrive!
– Drive : It will rise your input level (with gain compensation) and will saturate your signal. Input range is really extended to get more drive!
– Tone : Tone will shape your source before drive section. So, it’s Pre-Tone Control. This will let you decide which frequency range will be saturated.

Mix : Will blend dry and wet signal.
Output : Final output stage after MIX knob.
Fet Symbol : It’s regular bypass.




W.A. Production releases Puncher 2 Lite free audio effect plugin 0 (0)

The CPU-friendly little brother of Puncher 2 combines a transient shaper, multiband compressor and paralell compressor in a single effect, featuring real-time visual feedback and pop and click free bypass.

“Without diving into the complexities of audio processing, sometimes you just want a quick and easy way to make your tracks sound better.

With powerful compression and transient shaping, Puncher 2 Lite is here to help you hit your listeners right between the eyes. We’ve kept things simple and ultra-streamlined, stripping back the original controls of Puncher 2 and retaining only the most useful parts of the interface.”

  • 3-stage Punch Powerhouse
  • Transient Shaping
  • Multiband Compressor
  • Parallel Compressor
  • Real-time visual feedback
  • Pop & click free bypass
  • Responsive & CPU friendly
  • Preset system
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video



Analog Obsession OSS v5.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] 0 (0)

176 style compressor with improved sidechain section.

– INPUT: Internally compensated input with 0 to 40dB range
– OUTPUT (dB): -30 to 30
– ATTACK (ms): 0.1 to 2
– RELEASE (ms): 30 to 580
– RATIO: 2, 4, 8, 12
– MIX (%): DRY to WET
– HPF / DETECTOR (Hz): 20 to 500
– MIDF / DETECTOR (Hz): 500 to 10k
– MIDG / DETECTOR (dB): -6 to 6
– HF / DETECTOR: High Frequency compression. 0 to -16 dB
– EXT-SC: External Sidechain
– INTERSTAGE: Engaging interstage transformers

*Ableton Live OSX users must use VST version.