Elemental Child – Strange Fascination

“Bored with obvious reality, I find my fascination in transforming it into a subjective point of view.” – Ernst Haas

“Gelangweilt von der offensichtlichen Realität, finde ich meine Faszination darin, sie in eine subjektive Sichtweise zu verwandeln.” – Ernst Haas

Musik & Produktion von Elemental Child © 2023

ReCONSTRUCT Synth Plugin by AudioFB


If you’re a music enthusiast searching for innovative tools to enhance your creative process, look no further than ReCONSTRUCT. This virtual instrument harnesses the power of neural networks to generate unique instruments and timbres, providing a gateway to new sonic experiences for musicians and producers alike. ReCONSTRUCT utilizes advanced neural…

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Experience Realistic, Vibrant Bass Tones for Free with Our Simplified Plugin This streamlined version offers you a chance to experience the deeply realistic sounds generated by our proprietary artificial intelligence technology. It includes sustain/flag sounds – the fundamental elements of bass guitar playing. Although limited in scope compared to the…

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Elemental Child – Artificial Intelligence

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” — Stephen Hawking

“Die Entwicklung einer vollständigen künstlichen Intelligenz könnte das Ende der menschlichen Rasse bedeuten: …. Sie würde sich selbständig machen und sich in immer schnellerem Tempo umgestalten. Der Mensch, der durch die langsame biologische Evolution eingeschränkt ist, könnte da nicht mithalten und würde verdrängt werden.” – Stephen Hawking