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SynthCraft is a Visual Plugin Developer Program used for making audio plugins.

Create a project by choosing from a selection of Pre-Compiled modules and connecting them together with virtual patch cables. If you have used programs like this before you will feel right at home with SynthCraft.


  • Pre-Compiled DSP modules.
  • Simple drag and drop cable management.
  • Per sample DSP processing.
  • Easy to learn editor.
  • No complicated menu diving.
  • Dynamic menu system only displays relevant options.
  • Mouse driven interface.
  • Custom graphic interface designer for end user plugins.
  • Built in high speed DSP/C Compiler (c) Kirsty Roland 2019-20.23.
  • Compile to native 32/64-bit binary. No plugin wrapper needed.

SynthCraft is still in development. I tried to make it as stable as possible for entry into the KVR Developer Challenge 2023 but did not have enough time to create a complete program. However, this version seems stable enough for entry.

SynthCraft will be constantly developed and updated with lots of new modules and features in future and made available on my blog.


UPDATED to V0.412.

Fixed bug with SynthCraft.cfg file.

Please download the latest version from my Blog.


(c) Kirsty Roland




Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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