Stimulate by ViatorDSP

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Stimulate is a harmonic exciter.

Use this to brighten up your signal. Add in odd or even harmonics, or even both! Then, use the “amount” knob to drive the harmonic distortion harder.
The “range” knob shows you which frequencies are being excited, so everything above the frequency selected.
The middle graph shows you what is happening to your signal as if it were a sine wave, so that you can see the even vs odd harmonics in the signal.
  • Amount – amount of harmonic distortion in the signal.
  • Range – range of frequencies being harmonically distorted. (everything above the chosen frequency).
  • Odd – amount of odd harmonics.
  • Even – amount of even harmonics.
  • Phase – flips the phase of the signal.
  • Mix – mix between wet signal and dry signal.
  • Mix – mix between wet signal and dry signal.
  • Trim – output volume attenuation.
  • Platforms: Universal MacOS AU & VST3 64 Bit : Windows VST3 64 Bit.


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