SpatDelay 1636 & 1664 by Acousmodules


A sixteen taps delay where each tap is associated with a spatial point, all the sixteen ones being arranged, moved and animated as shapes and flocks among an up to 64 channels speakers system. More, these spatial structures can modulate the delay values, together with the input sound’s amplitude.
– 16 independant delays up to 10″ with feedback
– delays values can be set in a progressive order, linear or following an acceleration/deceleration adjustable curve and a random shift
– basic spatial shapes that can be moved, transformed and merged one into another: Sphere, Ring, Arch, Ray, Cube, Lines, Planes
– the X, Y and Z position of each spatial point and it distance from the center can modulate the Delay values
– manual selection and ordering of the delays’ channels
– Flat, Decreasing or Increasing levels with acceleration curve
– Envelope Follower to modulate the Delay parameters
– Inertia setting for very slow delay/pitch evolution or harsh modulations
– integrated 16 channels TiltEQ that follow the delays height positions (Win only)
– the 36 channels version has also four LFO modulators to animate the Delay and the Shapes values.

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