Soundiron Snack KONTAKT [FREE]

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Snack is a free library featuring raw cat vocalizations from our founder Mike’s cat; as well as a cool set of ambiences and electro drum kit. This preset includes a variety of performance controls to shape attack, release, pitch, crescendo swelling and more.

Welcome to Soundiron’s Snack The Cat library!

Mike’s cat Snack is a rather vocal and demanding studio companion. Chris and Gregg have often dared Mike to turn her into a library for years, so we finally flipped on our trusty field recorder to capture a few raw cat vocalizations just for fun. We then started exploring the audio with a few digital manipulation tricks to see where that would take us. After a bit of creative sound design, a cool little batch of ambiences and electro drum kit elements was born. We hope you enjoy this little snack-sized packet of sonic goodness.

This library’s kontakt presets include a variety of performance controls to shape attack, release, pitch shifting, crescendo swelling and other automatable parameters. We’ve manipulated the raw source material to generate unique electro percussion kit elements, sustaining pads, organs and “synth” drones and of course, included a small collection of simple cat meow sound effects that we built these instruments from. It’s compatible with the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or later. It can also be easily converted to other sampler formats and the audio files can be accessed in just about any audio software.

Fun fact: Snack will pretty much do anything for fish, including literally jumping through hoops, despite being rather well-fed. Check out the goofy little video of Snack in action that inspired us to make this fun little sample library. The jingle hoop you see Snack jumping through in the video came from a float in the San Francisco Chinese New Years parade was actually sampled a bit for our comprehensive Shake auxiliary percussion library.

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