Soonth Blocks, a free modular synth plugin[Windows,MacOS,Standalone,VSTI3,AU



Soonth Blocks, a free modular synth plugin is now open-source | September 18, 2023

Soonth Blocks is a free straightforward modular Synthesizer plugin focusing on the essentials without cables and huge module masses.
Update: Soonth Blocks is now open-source and you can find it on GitHub. Excellent news.

In 2021, I reported on Blocks, a very unique free modular Synthesizer plugin from the developer Soonth.
This is modular but does not use virtual cables. With the help of blocks, you can put together a modular synth.
Just recently, the developer released a free update with new features.

blocks is a modular synthesizer available as standalone, VSTi3 & AU for Windows and macOS.

Update 0.0.4

The development progressed in very small steps. With the update 0.0.4 there is now a free update for the synth.
It introduces a new modulator menu on the right giving you an overview of all active modulations, including envelopes, LFOs, and more.
Besides the regular black UI finish, you can also get new themes like the grey one in the picture. It also comes with new tabs in the update 0.04.




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