Sonuscore Free Pipe Organ KONTAKT [FREE]

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We are excited to present to you our FREE Sonuscore PIPE ORGAN. An expressive keyboard instrument with custom mixing for three settings: Pedal, Toccata, and Principal.

You can try to blow on a huge set of pan pipes or search for a cathedral with its own famous rack… or you can put your trust in our powerful and potent (and FREE) American Skinner pipe organ. Enlighten and elevate your more cherished projects with delicate toccata flourishes and fugues or shake the walls and anger your neighbors with massive pipe blasts.

This pipe organ virtual instrument was sampled in the Saalkirche in Ingelheim, Germany. The Saalkirche, as it stands now, is an over 200-year-old church that doubles as a concert hall due to it housing a famous E.M. Skinner pipe organ. Here now, we offer you the instrument as a free pack.

This is a fully rounded pipe organ. We placed our mics in the best positions to reveal the majestic timbres of this famously orchestral instrument. We went through the process of recording with three different settings that are adjusted by a mixer, with adjustments included in 10 presets:

Pedal: Big, bassy, and bold
Toccata: Back to Bach
Principal: Soft and angelic

The creator of the organ we sampled, E.M. Skinner, dropped out of school and fell in love with organs while sweeping an organ shop for work. In 1901, he started his own Boston-based organ company, producing pipe complexes that were renowned for their lush, romantic, and orchestral qualities. The company grew to global fame, with organs being delivered across the United States and Europe. After the company merged with Aeolian Organ Firm, E.M. Skinner brand pipes were no more, making each set a truly historical piece. It has such a noteworthy sound that the soundtrack for Interstellar – a truly astonishing work – used the brand for its organ parts.

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