Sonokinetic Vivace Legacy KONTAKT [FREE]

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The Legend Returns
Strings, Woodwinds , Brass & Percussion
5 Microphone Positions
Designed For Komplete Kontrol

When We Released The Original Vivace, Over A Decade Ago, We Had No Idea How This Legacy Of Orchestral Scoring Would Develop And Shape Sonokinetic In The Years That Followed.

Over The Past Ten Years Our Orchestral Libraries Have Straddled Genres And Emotions.
However, We’ve Always Had A Yearning To Go Back To The Previously-discontinued
Vivace Recordings And Breathe New Life Into Them.

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44.1khz – 16bit Ncw Format
16bit – 3000+ Samples (1gb)
Custom Designed Interface With Score Display
Time Machine Pro Capability
Purging System
4 Recorded Orchestral Sections Playing A Variety Of Motifs
11 Patches For Kontakt Player 7.0
Recorded Orchestral Sections:
4 Recorded Orchestral Sections
Orchestral Strings
Orchestral Woodwinds
Orchestral Brass
Orchestral Percussion
Expressionist Patterns A & B
Tutti Suspense A & B
Chords / Crescendo Chords
Fully Orchestral Sustained Chords
Inceptive Brass
Runs & Endings
Shocks & Stabs

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