Qasar Beach Fairlight emulator [FREE]

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This is a complete recreation of the Fairlight CMI IIx.

This has all the features of the original Fairlight CMI including 16 stereo voices, full voice editing and real time control, harmonic additive synthesis, full Page R sequencer and much more.

Launched 1 year ago the 1.29g is the biggest update. which focuses on much better IIx import of voices, songs and instruments. Better III multisample .vc support. III style button bar and lots of UI improvements throughout. A new internal song system that matches the IIx, plus individual output mixing. New Midi keyboard allocation with PAGE 3, and so much more…

QasarBeach has also gained features that were planned for the IIx but not implemented (at the time) – many thanks for help and input from the original engineers and friends!

You get full file support for Fairlight Series I, II, IIx, III samples, including all loop points, filter settings, etc, plus new III multi-sample support. You just need to have the ORIGINAL files in .VC format.

IIx files .rs and .in are also supported

Plus you get the following formats as pure samples, so editing may be needed, but it gives you the power to access virtually all famous sample libraries from Emu, Yamaha, Korg and more:

You will need to download all three files, especially the Guide which will tell you all about the very basic operations of QasarBeach.

The Fairlight CMI was a professional and complex machine, QasarBeach in no way tries to obscure this operation. So the UI is the same, the operation is the same, but there have been additions to make it a bit more user friendly.

Here are some live video captures of QasarBeach with no overdubs or added effects:

There are four files:

QasarBeach.App: is the latest MacOS version

QasarBeachWIn: is the latest Windows version

QasarBeach.Tar: is the latest Linux version

Guide is the comprehensive PDF guide (shown on the right)

QasarBeach is the demo folder including demo and library files

Cookbook is a new PDF guide giving hints and recipes for getting more out of QasarBeach

It’s a standalone software.

This software is “pay what you want” so, please, if you like it give some dollars to the developer.

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