Pianobook MG Shimmers KONTAKT [FREE]

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An acoustic guitar tremolo library. From tranquil pads to rising tension, MG Shimmers sounds great on its own or to breathe life into other instruments.

The story
Often in my composing projects I find myself layering up tremolo parts as a great way to bring pads, string parts and other sustained passages to life. With this in mind I decided to create a sample library that would make this process very quick and easy. My challenge was to create an instrument preserving all of the humanity and imperfection achieved through recorded performance.

For MG Shimmers I recorded an acoustic guitar playing single note tremolos each around one minute in length. There are two types of tremolo; thumb and plectrum. With up to four simultaneous voices each starting at a random point in their one minute loops, you never get the same sample twice (well, not for a very long time anyway!). The mod wheel controls expression, plus there are various options to tailor the sound, namely attack, release, LPF cutoff and reverb.

I hope you enjoy MG Shimmers and it proves useful in your projects.



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