Pegboard by Semitune[IOS,Android]

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Pegboard is a mobile synth designed to make playing music more intuitive. The app is a full-featured mobile subtractive synthesizer with a virtual analog filter. Use it as a melody writing app, music scale finder, or just as a MIDI keyboard controller. How you use it is completely up to you.

The keyboard is arranged in a harmonic table layout. Scales you choose are highlighted for easy improvisation. Each chord has a simple shape that is the same in every key. This layout greatly simplifies playing chords, borrowing chords, and modulating between keys.

Music theory apps tend to impose constraints and can be uninspiring. Pegboard will give you an intuitive feel for harmony and allow you to come up with your own amazing riffs all through improvisation. Most of the app features are free. The synth is fully playable and programmable in the free version.

Included in the free version:
• Over 400 unique scales.
• 70 factory presets.
• 8-voice polyphony.
• Two oscillators, a LFO, and noise.
• 4 effect modules.
• Unlimited use, no ads.

Included in the pro version:
• Save your own presets.
• 8 row modulation matrix.
• MIDI in and out.
• Friendly email support.

The pro version is available as an in-app purchase. It will allow you to use the app as a MIDI controller. You can then connect the app to your DAW or another synthesizer.

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