Pauli Polkki Wave Manuel v2.0.2 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

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Wave Manuel is a FREE waveshaping synthesizer plugin, available in VST and Audio Unit formats. Explore waves no one has experienced before – in stereo!

The essence of Wave Manuel
Wave Manuel’s heart is the unique variable shape oscillator with three parameters: “symmetry”, “saturation” and “shaping”. It can generate classic analog style waveforms (triangle, saw, pulse) but also anything in between – and beyond!

Each oscillator parameter has a dedicated envelope and LFO for animating the shape. Envelope’s attack, decay and release have curve control for making things just right. LFOs can be used in stereo with 180 degree phase offset so let’s get SUPER WIDE!

The sound can be shaped further with filtering and frequency modulation.

Where to get Wave Manuel?
The download links for Windows and Mac are below. It’s FREE so start exploring all the sounds made possible by Wave Manuel now!

Who is behind this?
Wave Manuel is designed and engineered by Pauli Pölkki. His love for sound, geometry and coding manifested this synthesizer into being.

A fine group of audio enthusiasts helped with the process making sure Wave Manuel lives up to it’s full potential.

User interface v2.0 by Jugi Kaartinen.

Factory presets v2.0 by sine:noise

Wave Manuel is powered by iPlug2 framework.

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