NIH Plug Bundle VST3 CLAP Windows macOS [FREE]

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NIH-plug is a FREE plugin framework, and you can currently download eight FREE VST plugins to try it out, including a free Disperser emulation.

JUCE has long dominated the audio DSP development realm. Having a readily available framework for development is a fantastic resource for those venturing into making their own plugins. Competition is always good, and NIH-plug brings an open-source framework for developing plugins in RUST.

NIH-plug is platform agnostic and comes with a handful of plugins for producers to use without touching a line of code.

Buffr Glitch is a MIDI-triggered buffer repeater and brings that wonderfully digital glitching sound to your audio. It is a rather clever implementation as well, using the duration of a note to act as a trigger for generating the duration of the glitch effect.

Crisp adds some top end to your basses and is great for bringing out some presence and body to your low-end instruments.

Crossover splits your audio into two to five bands. This is a super basic implementation but does have linear crossover filters. You can essentially process any audio you want as separate outputs, mangling however you wish.

Diopser is a phase rotation plugin inspired by Kilohearts Disperser. It sounds great on kicks or bass. I wouldn’t run this on both at the same time, though.

Loudness War Winner is a “loudener” for lack of a better term. Supremely glad that I have my tracks in Reaper dimmed to -8dB by default before assaulting my eardrums with the sheer volume this pumps out.

Puberty Simulator is an amusing plugin that acts as a pitch shifter that lowers your signal by an octave. It occasionally crackles or goes out of tune. The developer claims this is a joke, but it very well could have some utility in production.

Safety Limiter is the perfect companion to Loudness War Winner. When you have an overage, your DAW signals out an SOS in morse code. Your monitors or headphones get to call for help in a readily recognized international format.

The Spectral Compressor is the real star of the show here and can absolutely smash material. If OTT’s three bands aren’t enough for you, then take full advantage of the FFT bands present in this one.

These plugins are available for all major operating systems, with Windows, Linux, and Mac support. You will need a 64-bit host, and supported plugin formats are VST3 and CLAP.

Check each plugin’s readme file for more details on what the plugin actually does. You may need to disable Gatekeeper on macOS to be able to use the plugins.

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