Nathan Blair Karp Synthesizer VSTI3 WiNDOWS FREE



Nathan Blair releases Karp Synthesizer, a freeware plucked string synthesizer in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Karp Synthesizer uses a modified Karplus-Strong algorithm to synthesize plucked string sounds. It sports a streamlined user interface with straightforward controls and an animated background (using OpenGL).

Karp Synthesizer offers a very limited amount of tweakability with its two control knobs. The user can only adjust the decay time and the damping amount. Additional pitch-bend control is available with MPE.

On the other hand, the instrument sounds terrific out of the box, and it works great for synthesizing plucked sounds. The available controls can add subtle, yet interesting variations to the generated plucks, making Karp Synthesizer the perfect instrument to place after an arpeggiator or a step sequencer.



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