Music-Society presents Serbian Frula Update V 0.2 by Bam Dorner Productions

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First version is here 

Frula is a small flute, which was and is often played by shepherds. Today it is mostly used in folklore orchestras.

And I use it in jazzy music

The plugin is an alpha version, so use it at your own risk.
Has controls for ADSR, volume, pan, filter and reverb.
At the moment only one preset.

Compatible zu Windows VSTI3, MacOS VSTI3 and MacOS AU 64 Bit

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t test the function under this computer

I hope this version work better

I tested with Reaper, Cubase

I am primarily a musician and not an accomplished VST programmer


Demo by Bam Dorner

Downloads in the blog internal forum.
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Musician since about 45 years(various flutes, synths) Composer since 1986 admin of the forum + blog Music-Society

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