Morevox Free Pack 2023 MULTiFORMAT [FREE]


The new Free Pack 2023 adds 10 stereo and immersive soundscapes, 4 new Gogs, 2 new Battery kits, and the AUX impulse response library by Sabino Cannone.

AUX is a Compact Impulse Response Library that features a collection of Classic Studio reverbs. It’s the perfect Aux Send Destination for your Tracks!

2GB of Premium Samples

– Retroverb Free – Hybrid Free
– MSP Free – ReadyIR
– Groville – Poggio Loft
– Metro – Leagcy
– HiT! Free – Vintage Soul

– Analogicy – 80s Vibe – Lite [NEW]

– AUX [NEW] – 19 GOGs – 14 Battery Kits [NEW] – Roomershot – DriveDrums [Free SPL DrumXchanger] – Parallel Drums [Free SPL DrumXchanger] – Drive Monster [EXS KiT] 10 Stereo and Immersive Soundscapes From Colourscape

38 Gogs.
11 SPL DrumXchanger Kit.
13 Battery Kits.
1 EXS Kit.
13 free IR library (350 IRs in total).


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