MonsterDAW MONSTER Ethnica v1.0 x32 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

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Monster Ethnica is a music producer’s friend for making music with many ethnic musical instruments worldwide.

Whether you need an exotic flute sound from Indonesia, the beautiful sound of Bag Pipe from Scotland, or thundering percussion from Africa, you’ll find that Monster Ethnica is becoming your Go-To virtual instrument for your music.

The great thing about this VST is that this is never complete. This VST gets new expansion sound continuously every week/month!

Here’s a demo of Suling Melayu (preset #2 of Monster Ethnica) from Raden Agung – the Composer. He beautifully marrying Indonesian ethnic Suling with Hollywood Strings:

Here’s a short sound demo of preset #1 and #2 by Kortal Nadeak (he used #MonsterDrumVST and #GoldenPianoVST too):

Here’s a demo of Suling Melayu (preset #2 of Monster Ethnica) in jazzy tunes music (arrangement by Ricky Keyboardist):

Here’s a demo of Gendang Melayu (preset #3 of Monster Ethnica) in Melayu/Malay music tunes (review and arrangement by Dedi Santoso, the recordist of this preset at Lister Record, Bengkulu, Indonesia :

Here’s a demo of Sapek (preset #4 of Monster Ethnica), courtesy of Junanaelea Music :

• Simple GUI / easy to use.
• Every sound is unique because each music producer from a different part of the world gave the sampling of their own ethnic musical instruments.
• Every sound preset are sampled and crafted beautifully and mixed with users in mind so everybody can use them right away.
• Very little RAM usage.
• A new expansion sounds preset will be release/update regularly every week/month.
• Every preset has a master volume, a master reverb, and attack, decay, sustain, release settings.
• Major plugin format: Windows 32bit DAW and 64bit DAW, Mac VST, and Mac Audio Unit (AU) so it can be used in the majority of DAWs (Sorry, no support for Pro Tools).
• Did we say it’s the best free ethnic VST plugin available today?

Includes Expansions:
#1 Angklung from Indonesia (Asia)
#2 Suling Melayu from Indonesia and Malaysia (Asia)
#3 Gendang Melayu from Indonesia and Malaysia (Asia)
#4 Sapek from Indonesia and Malaysia (Asia)


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