MOLOSS II Synth Hybrid Plugin by Arthelion[Windows,VSTI,Standalone,x64]



MOLOSS II is a totally reworked version of the MOLOSS Hybrid Synth.

It keeps its original architecture, mixing 4 synth voices that can modulate each other in Frequency or Amplitude, its huge collection of LFO and envelopes (4 LFO and 3 envelopes per voice). The engine has been stabilized and improved to give the better sound.
It also keeps its huge modulation matrix to allow parameters driving with all MIDI controllers, its improved embedded effects, and its ability to synchronize parameter modules in groups.

But the real revolution brought by MOLOSS II is its now appealing design, signed by Lozzec, which finally gives you the keys to find your way in the huge amount of parameters. Now just build the sound you have in your head, or explore new horizons with adventurous combinations.

Last but not least, it’s still free and open-source.




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