Mel-Lofi by audiolatry

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Mel-Lofi is a free virtual instrument plugin (ROMpler) for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

This virtual instrument is based on the Mellotron samples recorded by KVR member Taijiguy and brings a total of 23 presets distributed across 5 main instrument categories.

All the samples were slightly edited and looped for best playability. Still, the sound is rough and unpolished to keep the original character.

For more versatility, 4 effect layers were added: vinyl, radio noise, mechanical belt noise, and rain. They each have an on/off button and volume sliders, also they’re labeled with their corresponding note on the keyboard.

The interface is simple to use with controls such as volume, pan, preset attack/release, also reverb, tune with 3 octaves, LFO modulation, and lowpass/highpass filter cutoff.

Mel-Lofi can be used in Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Ambient, Chillout, Pop, EDM, and other similar styles. It is available in VST/VST3 Windows and VST/VST3/AU macOS – compatible with the latest versions, also natively compatible with M1 chips.


  • 690 MB extracted size / 590 MB download size.
  • 23 instrument presets.
  • 4 additional fx layers.
  • attack/release envelope.
  • cutoff for lowpass/highpass filters.
  • global tune.
  • tremolo section.
  • room reverb.
  • global gain and pan.

System requirements:

  • PC:
    • Windows 8.1 64-bit to Windows 11.
    • 2 GB of RAM.
    • 690 MB hard disk space.
    • VST2 or VST3 64-bit host.
  • Mac:
    • El Capitan to Monterey.
    • 2 GB of RAM.
    • 700 MB hard disk space.
    • VST2, VST3 or AU 64-bit host.

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